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Inttec is a private company founded in 1992. We specialize in the production of professional ERP & CRM software forWindows(TM) and Linux(TM) ,, designed to manage accounting and resource management of small and medium enterprises. Inttec's solutions have been developed on the basis of the experience gained in over 25 years of direct contact with customers and are the starting point for personalized IT solutions.


Our mission is to achieve full customer satisfaction by providing powerful personalized IT tools to quickly find the information needed to manage their business and increase their competitiveness on the market.


A homogeneous team has allowed us to accumulate more than 10 years of experience in:

  • programming custom extensions to automate business processes in TCL\TK, SQL on the product framework our ERP, Inttec E2;
  • advanced server configuration PostgreSQL, NaviServer as a support for the secure operation of Inttec E2;
  • continuous development of the Inttec E2 framework as the basis of the ERP solution;
  • technical support for implementing and maintaining processes modeled by Inttec E2.


Inttec provides the following solutions for small and medium enterprises:

  • Inttec Expert2 (E2): Financial and Management Accounting Generation 2 with the help of which can be solved problems related to:
    • synthetic and analytical accounting;
    • tracking analytical accounts;
    • tracking customers and suppliers;
    • tracking documents for payment;
    • tracking of management operations and stocks with or without barcode labeling;
    • tracking unfinished production with or without quality tracking on batches;
    • records of employee income, including income statements and reports to state budgets;
    • fixed assets management;
    • tracking profit on profit centers and budgeting;
    • administration of warehouse or retail sales with Datecs and Incotex electronic cash registers;
    • data viewing extensions and text and / or graphical reporting to HORECA DeverSoft programs;
  • Netbit Server (NTS) & Toolkit (NTK): Advanced Data Server Configuration Solutions for:
    • ensuring the availability, integrity and confidentiality of data processed by Inttec E2:
      • network performance monitoring for the prevention and rapid identification of hardware infrastructure defects;
      • making a backup copy of the established data.
    • ensuring the communication infrastructure for automating the transmission of electronic documents (eg invoices) through local configuration and internet presentation of the following services:
      • email;
      • DNS;
      • www.
    • integration of servers, workstations and tablets Dell(TM) and Asus(TM) ;
    • network equipment integration Allied Telesis(TM) and Ubiquiti(TM) .
  • Integration and in-service technical solutions for:


We are open to the following types of collaborations:

  • development of command-line extension, client / server in two or three layers, for enterprise resource management, based on the Inttec E2 or NTS work framework www.


Below are references to some Inttec E2 users:


  • All processes are carried out in ISO 9001 CertInd certified quality management system starting with 2008.
  • Partener Avira starting with 2012.


Adresa: Strada Basarabilor , Nr.55, Et.1, Curtea de Arges, Arges, 115300 ROMANIA; tel.: +40248-506018, +40724-500544, +40744-850005, Fax +40248-506020; email: ; vizitati-ne la ; Contacte: Vanzari: ext.206,;  Contabilitate: ext:208,; Suport tehnic: ext.220,